A Healthy Lifestyle to Prevent AIDS

A Healthy Lifestyle to Prevent AIDS

One, establish correct sex view.
Any HIV infection sex to process all have the potential to spread HIV, therefore, the more sexual partners, the greater the risk of HIV infection. In addition, in the sexual behavior should consciously and correct use of condoms. Have HIV infection in women of childbearing age in the decision before pregnancy should receive medical advice.

aids Two, avoid contacting with blood infection in daily life.
Attention should be paid to take the following measures: to irregular sampling unit of blood; by using the anti HIV antibody testing as a” negative” blood and its products; accept any acupuncture skin medical operation, should require the use of disposable or strict disinfection equipment; wound care, to avoid skin, eyes or oral exposure to others find the streets you avoid blood; extraction; not shared with others shaver, toothbrush.

Three, refusing drugs, to stay away from drugs.
Drug addicts often by the start of the suction mouth to intravenous drug abuse. Intravenous drug use, often sharing needles, needles, if one person infected with HIV, the virus will through the syringe in other drug users in communication.

Four, HIV blocking mother-infant transmission route.
Vertical transmission include intrauterine infection, the infected birth canal and milk infection in three aspects.

Therefore, through the antenatal use of antiviral drugs, the choice of cesarean section, avoidance of breastfeeding and other methods of PMTCT interventions. Zhao Min said, including the AIDS virus blood, semen, body fluids mainly vaginal secretions, saliva, tears, sweat, urine, and no infectious, so the shaking hands, kissing courtesy, hugging, sharing utensils, sharing baths, swimming pool shall not be infected.