Lactation blocking measures

Do not advocate breast feeding for HIV infection.

TenLiesAboutAIDS     For the poor economic conditions or mother insisted on breastfeeding, WHO Expert Committee stressed, intervention strategy is focused on breast feeding safety considerations. Although the available information is only shown to give baby NVP can prevent within 6 months of breastfeeding infants, but still recommended mother throughout lactation using ART to reduce the spread of HIV risk of breast feeding.

Another expert said, baby single agent and continuous daily use NVP for non-breast fed infants infection prevention role of no difference, but high quality evidence for the use of Qi Duofu set ( AZT ) in infants6 weeks and maternal prenatal longer than 4Zhou Ke was the prevention of mother-to-child transmission.

There is evidence of maternally acquired AZT shorter than 4 weeks, as long as the infants received 6weeks of AZT, also has a significant protective effect. In 2009, Kilewo study found that pregnant and lactating mothers using HAART only after birth and breast feeding infants breast-fed infants lamivudine can reduce the birth of a baby, vertical infection. At the same time, put forward those who themselves do not need to be HAART in the treatment of HIV infection for breastfeeding mothers if lactation continued application of ART should be measured the advantages and cost effectiveness ( and only after the birth of newborn lamivudine compared ).