Benefits and Common Methods of AIDS Detection

AIDS Detection

Most people think that checking out is useless since there is no cure for AIDS, , and therefore they are not willing to make HIV detection.
In fact, this kind of understanding is extreme wrong, because early detection can get the following benefits:

(1) Reduce the anxiety;

(2) Get the early treatment;

(3) The early adoption of a healthy lifestyle, delaying the development to the AIDS patients;

(4) to take early measures to protect the family, to prevent further spread to others.

checkaids   Of course, improper handling may also have bad effects, such as increased psychological pressure from the people; discrimination; impact on other aspects of life, such as insurance, job etc..

Commonly used detection methods of AIDS

Currently used detection methods of AIDS, is a rapid method and enzyme method, rapid method for general use are the gold standard method, enzyme method is what we often say that the ELISA method.

1 gold standard method, also called” colloidal gold method”, is a more advanced international sensitive, specific, rapid, simple, high accuracy rate of in vitro   diagnostic method. The determination results only by special testing box in a short time period can be obtained. The gold standard method ( paper ), after blood drops in the paper, taking 20 minutes to observe the test paper has no color change. If a color change, then the initial inspection of yang.

2ELISA method, also called” elisa”. Enzyme immunoassay, referred to as ELISA, the core is to make the antibody and enzyme complexes binding, and then through the color detection. Inactivated antigen and subjects blood serum mixed together, having a color change, then the initial inspection of yang. Colorless or color change weak, is the yin. No matter there is no color change, must use the enzyme mark instrument detection.