Causes of HIV AIDS

Causes of HIV AIDS

A very common question that people ask about HIV and AIDS is ” what causes HIV AIDS?” Well, it is a question worth asking as HIV is serious and can infect just about anyone. It is important how we get infected by HIV and why does it spread. Being aware is the best way to go about.

HIV is the virus that looks for a port of entry in to a human body, and once it enters, it begins the destruction process that is required for its own survival. Basically, it comes down to three important causes of HIV AIDS in a person. It is a very commonly known fact that HIV is transmitted sexually.

This is probably the biggest and easiest way for the spread of the virus. When a person has any form of sexual contact with an HIV infected person, there are chances that the virus may enter the uninfected person’s body. This is why, all over the world, emphasis is laid upon the use of condoms and the practice of safe sexual methods. It is not compulsory that only vaginal sex can help the transmission. Indulging in unprotected anal sex is actually more risky than vaginal or oral sex. Sometimes, the virus can also be transmitted if sexual devices or toys are shared between people.

Another cause of HIV transmission from an infected person is through the way of blood. This method of transmission is also very common. This is especially common amongst drug users where narcotic substances are taken in intravenously. When people inject these substances, they share the same syringe with each other. If one of the drug users is HIV positive, he can pass on the virus to other users through the needle. The use of drugs is bad for you. Moreover, if you are addicted to the drugs, we understand. Even so, do not share the same needle with your fellow drug users. The government runs varies needle exchange programs that allow you to take your drugs but at the same time, be safe from HIV.

The third way by which HIV is transferred is from the pregnant mother to her baby. If the mother is infected by HIV, there are chances that she can pass this virus onto her baby. HIV has treatments available for it known as antiretrovirals. These medications help fight the virus however, they cannot completely eliminate the virus from the body. If, an infected mother is consuming these drugs before pregnancy or even during the pregnancy, the chances of her passing the virus to her baby are greatly reduced.

HIV can also be caused due to blood transfusion from an infected person. This risk was high in earlier times when blood was not screened for HIV. Now, as the times have changed and people have become aware about HIV, all blood taken into the blood banks in America are screened for HIV too. Thus, today, this risk is not high at all.

There are so many precautions hat one can take in order to avoid contracting the virus known as HIV. The first thing to do is to start using condoms each time you have sex. This must be followed whether the person is having oral, vaginal or anal sex. This way, not only can one protect oneself from HIV but also from a variety of sexually transmitted diseases. Next, whenever you get an injection, make sure that the nurses and doctors are using a fresh and sterile needle on you to avoid transmission of HIV through blood. Taking drugs is bad, but even worse is sharing the needles, so it is best that you use a fresh needle each time you decide to get high. The reason that one should stay protected from HIV is simple, HIV has no cure! There are treatments available but HIV cannot be permanently eradicated from a person’s body. If you get infected, you might have to stay on medication for a very long time.

If you have any HIV symptoms, or any reason to believe that you may have HIV, do visit the doctor and start your treatment as soon as possible. Remember, stay protected, and stay safe!