HIV-AIDS History

HIV-AIDS History

HIV AIDS history is outlined by numerous victories and numerous defeats. Slowly, this virus had crept into the lives of human and caused a large number of deaths. Initially, it had the element of surprise and caught the human off guard, but now, things have changed and we know just so much about this virus that lives have been saved over the years. Still a lot still remains in the dark and a lot needs discoveries and new ideas of innovation. The important thing is that there is so much to learn from the history of HIV AIDS.

So, where did HIV AIDS come from? Even if people say that HIV/ AIDS came in 25 years ago, the truth is quite different. To know the history of HIV AIDS, we must travel back all the way to 1959. During this time, there was a man who had a mysterious death. The reason was not found initially, but years later, when the blood sample of this man were re-tested, he was found to have died due to HIV and its complications. In about 1970, the virus had entered America and caught onto people unsuspected. At this very time, people in Africa noticed something rather strange, the doctors saw a lot of people falling ill and giving in to opportunistic diseases, AIDS had already kicked in into Africa. Because this pandemic was only associated with Africa, the western scientist pulled a closed eye towards the pathetic state of the infected Africans. Little did they know, it would soon become one of their country’s biggest problems!

In the 1980s precisely, 1981, AIDS started being reported in places like New York and California, More commonly so amongst the gay populace of America. The rise of pneumocystis as well as Kaposi’s sarcoma began greatly in this community. When this got noticed, the disease was named as GRID meaning Gay Related Immune Deficiency. Nobody knew what AIDS was; this term was not even coined back then. All that people knew was that it was a deadly disease affecting the gay populace. But soon enough, they were reports of this disease existing in heterosexual population too! This disease began to appear greatly in injected drug users and to people who received blood transfusions. It became clear then, that his disease had no limits and a cure was needed! In 1983, the HIV AIDS history takes another turn. In France, scientist found the virus and isolated it. But, a year after this, Dr. Roberto Gallo too isolated a similar virus which he named as the HTLV III. Later, they found that both the viruses were the same; however, the HIV was named later.

However, the credit of the discovery still goes to Roberto Gallo. Soon, HIV started hitting the masses and became a wide spread pandemic and continues to be so even today.

Now, let us take a quick look into the origin of the virus. The virus is said to be an evolved form of a similar virus found in monkeys. This virus is known as the Simian Immunodeficiency virus. It has been found that there is a striking resemblance between both the viruses. Theories even go on to say that HIV came to the humans from the monkeys. This happened in West Africa where people would hunt and eat the monkeys. HIV type 2 is said to have arisen from the white collared monkeys. However, HIV type 2 is not very common. The real trick was HIV type 1. It is very common and its roots were not traced back until 1999. In 1999, they found that this virus is similar to the SIV which is found in chimpanzees.

Not all viruses can cross over from one kind of species to another; however, certain viruses do tend to exhibit this feature, HIV being one of them! In fact to further prove this correct, the SIV in chimpanzees came through two other types of primates. This makes it further clear that this virus can cross species. While all theories tell us that HIV started in Africa, one theory states that HIV came into humans when African men started indulging in having sex with monkeys. This way, the virus got transmitted and eventually, was able to cross species. But this theory is said to be a misconception.

Similarly, there are many theories and mis-beliefs like this.

HIV AIDS history is quite twisted, but the virus is now a big scare to all humans. Therefore, taking all necessary precautions is a must!