HIV Transmission Probability

HIV Transmission Probability

Intravenous drug use: intravenous drug addicts sharing syringe or syringe to strict disinfection is the risk of HIV infection behavior, single exposure to infectious probability is 0.67%.

Receiving blood or blood products: mainly refers to the acceptance of pollution with HIV blood or blood products, single exposure to infectious probability ranged from 90to 100%.

   Iatrogenic infection

It mainly refers to the medical apparatus is not clean, resulting in medical service of HIV infection, including medical personnel in the provision of medical services, exposure to infected / patient body fluids, which led to the infection of HIV. Accidentally contaminated HIV apparatus such as a needle stick injuries of skin or mucosa, direct contact with HIV fluids, single exposure to infectious probability is 0.3% ~ 0.5%.

   Spread through sexual contact

aids kids     Spread through sexual contact is currently the major route of HIV transmission, about global ( roughly )70% ~ 80% infected through sexual contact with the HIV, including heterosexual sexual contact accounted for more than 70%, and gay male sexual contact accounted for5% ~ 10%. Occurrence of an unprotected sexual intercourse, male homosexual of infectious HIV probability is about 0.5 ~3%. In heterosexual contact, male to female probability is 0.1~ 0.2%, female to male the probability is 0.03~ 0.1%.

   Mother-to-child transmission

HIV infected mothers during pregnancy, childbirth, can process or postnatal lactation situations such as HIV transmission to the infant, perinatal transmission probability is about 30%.