How to Overcome Negative Emotions for HIV Infections?

HIV Infections

Because the current AIDS ( AIDS ) has not the effective treatment measures, the case fatality rate is high; and the prevalence of many and improper behavior ( such as sex and drug use ), so that in the community have a stigma, therefore, AIDS spread is not only a medical problem, but also has great psychological social influence.

aids   Fear of AIDS is not only in the HIV infection or AIDS patients, and in some of the infected, have caused some psychological reaction. In the part of the general non infected, due to the AIDS comprehensive propaganda effect, as well as on the AIDS transmission and prevalence of misunderstanding, fear that they may have been produced by this infection anxiety.

Their anxiety and fear by general life contact, such as a common telephone, cooking utensils and tableware, towels and clothing, take a shower and toilet, as well as non contact and kisses. To this kind of person can generally be through to them clearly and reasonably explain the disease known infectious pathway and not infectious events, can contact anxiety. For the prevention of causing this psychological reaction, on the AIDS knowledge publicity, attention should be paid to comprehensive and to a proper extent. Another part of HIV infection due to psychological vulnerability or sexual behavior in terms of guilt, and fear of AIDS, led to the emergence of” fake aids”. Despite repeated to verify that they could not contact the HIV, antibody test was negative, but they still do not believe themselves to be healthy, put forward many physical complaints, such as fatigue, weight loss, and that these must be HIV evidence of infection, they fear of infection to obsessive degree. This is a psychological syndrome, the need for psychological or psychiatric treatment.

When they find  their HIV positive results of blood examination, they will be immersed in extreme disappointment sadness. This kind of psychological response in AIDS-related syndrome ( ARC ) phase of the patient in the most violent, because these people have serious symptoms in torment them, but their health condition also allows the trouble, they don’t like to already developed AIDS as those who immersed and strain every nerve to survive. This psychological reaction as cancer patients hear life threatening message is generated when the crisis response, coupled with social discrimination of pressure, the reaction is intense. Most patients respond through several periods, but not everyone will experience all the periods.