How to Prevent AIDS?

aids prevent

For Youth
The majority of youth sexual health education, from an interdisciplinary perspective to scientific truth to elucidate morality and the importance of free harm, through the national eugenic sexual ethics education to help young people to establish correct concept of clean, torsion, exists in the young people ‘s sexual freedom tendency; combination of family planning reasonable and proper use condom education; in rural areas should be combined with a rural people about the activity, promote adherence of morality;

Young Woman
That sex rash on female harm far beyond the male, such as pregnancy, abortion and may cause sequelae, more vulnerable to STDs and HIV, as well as prone to some gynecological diseases; attention to women’s reproductive health planning, especially to strengthen to protect themselves from STDs and HIV education; self-esteem self education, low drive sexual harassment in education.

Blood donors
Strengthening transfusion transmission of HIV knowledge popularization education; to raise awareness of self-protection, active surveillance for blood sterilization and aseptic measures; strengthening the stagnant blood supply and blood supply of the anterior must accept the HIV antibody detection in law education.

Special service industry practitioners (Hotel, hotels, dance halls, bars, beauty salon, sauna, massage parlors, roadside shop waiter )
Outstanding female service members self-respect education for women; sexual behavior or serious harm of Education (see women’s education ).
Patients with sexually transmitted diseases STD patients should go to regular hospital or venereal disease prevention and control center for definitive treatment, do not believe in street advertising, not private clinics, emphasize becoming serious harm; related to the transmission of AIDS / STD education; STD patients more easily infected with AIDS virus and antibody detection in education; STD various severe consequences, as a lifelong infertility, viral sexually transmitted diseases are prone to recurrence and long-term induced cancer prevention; family transmission of venereal disease; mobilization of spouses and contact persons receiving inspection.

Drug addicts
Strengthen the blood dissemination and education, so that the deep knowledge sharing syringes to injection drug risk; prominent detoxification and preventing relapse in education.

aids Sex workers, clients and reeducation through labor labor personnel
Prostitutes and young female labor, labor workers to women’s reproductive health education; clients easy to catch AIDS / STD, endanger, hazard family education; labor, labor personnel to prevent homosexual behavior education.
Medical personnel

Strengthening the observance of disinfection regulations and aseptic operation regulations of the legal education and protect the patient’s occupation moral education; in accordance with the regulations for HIV infection and AIDS patient confidentiality education; no discrimination against people with HIV and AIDS patient education; self protection education.

Preschool care and conservation workers
Strengthening the observance of disinfection regulations and aseptic operation regulation of education; ensuring children planning immunization injection one needle tube; occupation moral education for children.