How to Prevent Gastrointestinal Infections for HIV Infection Patients?

Gastrointestinal Infections for HIV Infection

Infected with the AIDS virus ( HIV ) are very prone to opportunistic infections. Current induced AIDS direct death first reason is the opportunistic infections opportunistic infections, and nearly half of the intestinal infection caused by the disease enters by the mouth.
In 2002, the American Society of infectious diseases published the AIDS virus infection prevention of intestinal opportunistic infections of the guidance scheme. The author with three aspects for reference.

    The way of blocking the disease enters from the mouth.

hiv     HIV infection should be fasting for eggs, but fasting sashimi, shellfish and other seafood and undercooked poultry, livestock meat. Unpasteurized dairy products, fruit juices and without cleaning and disinfection of raw vegetables, fruits are not safe food. In addition, don’t let undercooked meat, seafood and spices such as cross contamination of various food. Tableware, kitchenware etc. must be thoroughly cleaning disinfection before use.the fridge reproduction of the Lester Bacillus vulnerable to HIV infection. The following measures can prevent the Lester Bacillus infection:

The remaining food or food ( such as hot dogs ) must be heated to steam before eating.

II do not eat soft cheese, to eat is not easy to pollute the cheese and yogurt.

The deli food bought must be heated before.

Then do not drink raw milk or unpasteurized milk or milk products.