Some Questions about AIDS Infection

acute infection

Contact people infected with HIV can be infected?

General contact does not, the virus does not pass the air, skin or infected saliva. The body fluid of a person infected with the virus, but only exists in the blood, semen, YD secretions, and breast milk also contains enough to lead to the spread of virus. Adults are infected with the AIDS virus pathways must be through blood and blood contact ( such as by injection apparatus, transfusion of blood and blood products ) and sexual contacts. Prevention of virus through sexual transmission method is: adhere to the use of good quality condoms; for sexually transmitted diseases to be treated; and the use of insertion of the contact. Prevention of virus transmission by drug injection methods are: use of sterile needle; do not share needles and syringes; pan thorough disinfection. On blood testing as well as the implementation of infection control method, program, can greatly reduce HIV iatrogenic infection, universal prevention measures include: to implement effective disinfection; sharp instruments and used items for careful treatment, to avoid skin wound blood and mucosal contact. Remember, most of the needle stick injuries caused by infection occurs in first aid.

Mosquitoes can spread HIV virus?

hiv aids    It will not. When the mosquito bites, put a person’s blood into the stomach of a site, and then again from the stomach secrete saliva into the skin of the human body, cause skin pruritus. ( mosquito saliva could transmit malaria, malaria is caused by a microorganism, can exist in the human body and the mosquito ). If people from mosquitoes infected with the AIDS virus, so people of all ages will more hasten is consistent with the rate of infection. But such is not the fact, HIV infections occur mainly in young people, they are sexually active; also occurs mainly in injection drug people, as well as some baby from mother direct infection.