Survive time of AIDS Virus in Different Environment

AIDS Virus in Different Environment

1, in the laboratory, even if the fluid stem HIV also sustainable survival of 15 days ( infectious ), however it is in HIV high concentration, and temperature and humidity stabilization condition, but outside the laboratory is very difficult to have such conditions. The laboratory accidentally spilled blood, body fluids to be dragged to erase, and water or soap to clean, then use bleaching powder cleaning. For maximum security, cleaning the spilled blood when wearing latex gloves, clean up after work to wash.

2, it must be pointed out that, in the used syringe needles of residual blood, HIV can survive for several days. The use of a needle can be directly into the body and blood, therefore, used hypodermic needles with HIV infectious risk, for used hypodermic needles should not be reused.

aids 3, in the laboratory under HIV contaminated goods in at least3 days of infectious. In recent years, the domestic and foreign research shows: in vitro blood HIV virus survival time depends on the amount of virus in the blood from the body, high virus content in the blood, in wet conditions, even at room temperature for 96 hours, still has vitality. The size of a needle with blood, if encounter fresh lymphocytes, in which the HIV virus can continuously reproduce, can still spread. Virus content low blood, after natural dried up after 2 hours, only to lose vitality. While high virus content of blood, even if the empty2-4 hours, once released into the culture medium, meet lymphocytes, can still enter therein, continue to copy.

4, the HIV is very weak, the liquid in the HIV heating to 56 degrees10 minutes inactivated. If boiling, can rapidly inactivated; with 70% alcohol,10% bleaching powder,2% glutaraldehyde,4% formalin,35% isopropanol,0.5% Lysol,0.3% hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid disinfectant such as treatment for 10 minutes, then inactivated HIV.